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How IT can generate business value in the Idea Economy.
Change to Win We live and work in the Idea Economy. It has never been easier to turn ideas into new products, services, applications, and industries. It’s easier for you, easier for your competitors, and easier for companies you may not even know about yet. It’s an age of relentless, disruptive change for businesses and governments. Every Fortune 1000 company today is at risk of missing a market opportunity, not securing their enterprise, and being disrupted by a new idea or business model. In the Idea Economy, anyone can change the world. And yet the winners aren’t always those with the best ideas. Rather, they are companies of every size that can execute on good ideas and deliver value faster and better than their competitors. That means using the power of technology to quickly fuel the power of ideas. In the Idea Economy, IT strategy and business strategy are increasingly inseparable. And so IT’s role must evolve from providing technical services to generating business value. In our view, businesses must change along four axes in order to survive and thrive in the Idea Economy. They must transform to a hybrid infrastructure; protect the digital enterprise; empower the data driven organization; and enable workplace productivity. Success in the Idea Economy requires a partner that can bring all these elements together, aligned to your industry and your enterprise.